Tarmac Dunbar manager celebrates 17 years of service

June 13, 2023

An employee from Tarmac’s Dunbar cement plant, in Scotland, is celebrating 17 years with the building materials and construction solutions business. 

It all began when Roy Lomas started working at Tarmac’s Tunstead site in Buxton, Derbyshire, as an external contractor for a welding and engineering company which used to carry out a lot of work at the site. 

Roy said: “Before working for Tarmac, I was working at their Tunstead site for another company. Whilst there, I enjoyed the work and team spirit, so when a job came up on the maintenance team, I put myself forward and never looked back.  

“Tarmac felt like a great place to work as it had such a good reputation, and it was local to where I was living at the time. When new and different roles were advertised, I saw them as opportunities to develop and learn new skills and progress my career.” 

Throughout Roy’s time at Tunstead, he progressed through many different roles before being promoted to their maintenance manager. Courageously, in 2020, Roy decided to take the leap and join the Dunbar team as their maintenance manager, which has now led to his new position of engineering manager. 

He added: “It’s strange, as I’ve never really looked for progression, the opportunities have naturally occurred, and with my approach of doing the best I can within each role and seeing where it takes me, it has put me in good stead for the next possibility. 

“I’ve had the chance to develop in numerous roles prior to my current job, which proves that progression and career opportunities are widely available within Tarmac.” 

Discussing the Dunbar site, Roy said: “Dunbar is so important to its local communities as many of my colleagues live in the surrounding villages and towns, so the plant provides good jobs and employment possibilities which secures futures. Also, the site aims to support local community projects where possible. 

“I’m proud of being given the opportunity to work with a great team to improve Dunbar as a site, while meeting some wonderful people. Dunbar has a great future with potential to improve, so it’s a great opportunity to be a part of our journey to success.”