Dunbar Plant

Being a good neighbour

At Dunbar Cement Plant, we believe in being open and transparent about our operations and playing a positive role in the local community. Our partnerships with various community organisations locally are very important to us and we support local projects where we can.

Supporting local initiatives

Dunbar Cement Plant is an important part of the local community and the local economy. As well as supporting 130 local jobs, we also support many local community projects every year.   Here are some examples: 

Aine Hay Academy - in 2020 we supported an Irish dance group based in Innerwick.

Dunbar United Colts Under 9s - in 2019 we gave the new girls' team a boost by sponsoring their training tracksuits.

Dunbar Primary School - we took one of our lorries to the school to educate the pupils about road and cycle safety. 

Dunbar High Street - we helped with the cost of the hanging baskets to brighten up the High Street.

Getting involved

We have a local donations policy that focuses on initiatives that support education and skills, the environment, sustainability, restoration and biodiversity. If you want to make a donation request please send us an email.

Dunbar Plant open days

In 2013 Dunbar Cement Plant celebrated its 50th year of cement production. It was a great opportunity for the Plant to further engage with and welcome the local community and stakeholders to the plant and for them to have a look around and see how it all works.

We provided guided tours on a route carefully planned with safety in mind. If you would like further information on potentially visiting the site, please email the team.

Community Liaison Committee

Dunbar Cement Plant has a Community Liaison Committee consisting of local councillors, local resident representatives and Tarmac employees. It was formed to promote two-way communication between all parties and to ensure that the opinions and views of our neighbours can be shared.

These meetings are held twice a year and a range of senior managers from the Plant attend depending on the topics under discussion. If you would like to find out more about this committee please email us at

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