Derby University students head north to enjoy Dunbar Quarry tour

March 27, 2018

A group of more than 20 University students from Derby has travelled north to enjoy an in-depth look at the quarry at Tarmac’s Dunbar cement plant – as part of a study tour of the North of England and Scotland.

The students are studying for a mineral products-based degree which is supported by the Institute of Quarrying and its members; and is the only one of its kind in the country. They were given a first-hand look the quarry, which is an important source of material for the construction industry.

Hosted by Quarry Manager Dave Hurcombe, the group was shown how Tarmac plans to extract materials from the quarry; the operation of the large mobile plant; the processing of limestone for the cement plant; and how the land is gradually restored.

Julian Smallshaw, Head of Education throughout the life of the quarry. at the Institute of Quarrying said: “The Institute of Quarrying works in close partnership with the Centre for Minerals Products at the University of Derby. Each year we organise a Study Tour that is open to all mineral extractives students on the diploma, foundation and honours degree courses. The aim of the study week is to enable candidates to see how the theory they are studying relates to practice in the real world. It’s an incredibly valuable learning experience where students, educators and industry professionals all come together to discuss best practice outside the classroom.”

Dr Rob Donnelly, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader from the University of Derby’s Centre for Mineral Products said: “The study tour represents a fantastic and unique opportunity for students to see at first-hand facilities and processes from a whole range of mineral extractive and manufacturing operations. They gain direct experience of activities that might not necessarily form part of their studies or their day to day duties.

“There is really no substitute for visits like this to the quarry at Dunbar. The study tour is part of our offering that we value very much and as such we are hugely indebted to our partners like Tarmac who always make us feel most welcome when showing us around their sites.”

Quarry Manager Dave Hurcombe added: “Tarmac is keen to encourage links with educational establishments and, where practical, invite groups in to have a look around the Dunbar site. I was pleased to welcome this group to the quarry and to give them a practical insight into day-to-day operations. I hope what they saw here will bring their study of mineral products to life and show how important these materials are in everyday life.”

Picture caption: Derby University students enjoy an educational trip ‘up north’, including a tour of Tarmac’s quarry and cement plant in Dunbar.